Our Thrift Systems

Today's thrift store of tomorrow is not just a simple matter of a cash register and credit card machine but includes donor tracking, vouchers/gift cards, mobility, loyalty, production/barcode tags, rotation discounts, loss prevention, enterprise maintenance/reporting, and remote system monitoring. Whether you're a part of ACTS, AGRM, GWI, HFH, SVDP, VOE, or simply have your own thrift store, we help you implement the thrift store of tomorrow, today. Regardless of your size or system expertise, from a single terminal to a 40+ terminal site, whether a single location or a regional chain of 50+ locations, BMC is here to help with complimentary services you need that differentiate us from the competition including pre-sales services, post-sale service/support, on-going upgrades, and consulting. Discover how our "technology with know-how" can help with your success.


Thrift store POS is no longer just about a touch screen and scanning. What is my sell through on each week of the color rotation? How do controlling no sales, voids, discounts and returns help my loss prevention team? How do vouchers, gift cards, donation and loyalty improve same store sales? How does inventory control and payroll integration help control my costs? Discover how these full solutions can increase revenues and decrease costs in your thrift store or enterprise.


What does "mobile" mean to you and your success? Are we talking a tablet for mobile POS or maybe enabling a customer's devices for loyalty and payments? Are we talking real-time alerts and sales on management and owners' devices? How about real-time receipts for donations at the donation center, truck or church? Whatever mobile means to you, discover how we can help your thrift store or enterprise.


Are you frustrated with on-going PCI Compliance and now EMV? What must I do and what can wait until later? Is it a compliance or a liability issue? Whether it's mobile devices or Out-of-Scope tethered pin pads, we have compliant solutions for your thrift store. Discover how we can assist you in deploying the payments solution that makes sense for your thrift store or enterprise.


How would you use real-time information in your enterprise? Whether it's alerts or financials, item changes or inventory, in-house vouchers, gift cards or loyalty. Discover how we assist with real-time enterprise management with your thrift stores today.


We've all heard it said, "Why worry about the hardware? We can get that anywhere. The more cost-effective the better." But what is the real cost: initial investment, maintenance costs, service options available, operating system upgrades and total cost of ownership (TCO) for five years? The initial investment is the smallest cost in a five-year TCO. Discover how we can assist you in the hardware solution that makes sense for your thrift store(s).